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What Coffee Region Are You?

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Coffee is just as diverse and unique as the fantastic humans that drink it. It is our universal unifier--it connects us all through a collective culture and a mutual tiredness, but each region of coffee has its own particular personality.

  • African Coffees- The birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, takes the reins in directing the continent's coffee personality. These typically light-roasted coffees are bright and fruity, sometimes tangy, and definitely not without attitude! The processing in these arid, hot climates allows the coffee bean's fruit to carry out its natural flavor. 
  • South American Coffees- Here we find the most popular coffees. Coffees grown and processed in this region go well with anything. Whether you're looking for a nutty morning with a smooth finish, or a mid-afternoon chocolate-y punch, the South American coffees have you covered. The humidity in this region makes way for the coffee bean's inherent flavor, independent of the fruit, to take center stage.
  • Indonesian Coffees- Now we get to the big and bold flavors your dad loves so much! Indonesian coffees are famous for their dark and smoky tastes with undertones of chocolate-nutty goodness. Indonesia's unique climate gives the farmers the flexibility to mix and match farming and processing techniques to develop complex and rare flavors in your morning cup. 

And there you have it--a quick summary of coffee personalities around the world. No matter your personality preference, you can always find something to love with us at Green Dragon Roasters, and maybe discover a few new things too! Come join in the fun!


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