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Fair Trade Coffee for a Better World

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Here at Green Dragon all of our finely roasted blends come straight from the source and benefit the communities that produce our coffee beans.

There are many reasons to buy fair trade products. Not only does fair trade ensure a higher quality of bean, it also ensures that the hard workers who make our coffee possible, get the compensation and human respect that they deserve.

At Green Dragon we believe that coffee is a way of life, a drink that connects communities. With over 90% of the world's population consuming caffeine we believe that it is important to spread our way of life, and doing business around the world. 

Fair trade is an important social movement that is focused on promoting sustainability in third world communities that frequently export commodities to the first world. These products include things like sugar, tea, honey, and of course coffee.

Not only do companies like Green Dragon Roasters help promote the Fair Trade movement, consumers do as well. As long as dedicated consumers continue to actively contribute to buying products that are Fair Trade the movement can continue to benefit communities across the planet, to make a better world for everyone.

At Green Dragon Roasters we would like to thank you for consistently buying our quality products at a fair price. It is consumers like you that make a difference everyday by spending just a little extra time and money looking for their coffee. But don't forget that you are also getting a fantastic product at the end of the day.

Green Dragon Roasters would like to thank you for caring, if you'd like to talk about it over a cup of coffee, contact us.


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