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3 Reasons Why Fair Trade Coffee is Better for Everyone

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When we come to the coffee selection at the grocery store, we are happy yet faced with a challenge. There are so many options and so little time. There are also many factors you might consider when choosing the perfect blend; mild, medium, or dark roast; perhaps you prefer Colombian coffee or beans from Guatemala. Whatever you chose you can bet that fair trade coffee is the way to go: for the farmers to make a living wage; and for you to enjoy your wonderful brew with peace of mind and a sense of well-being. Here are the top three reasons why fair trade coffee makes the best sip.

  1. Do the right thing - a popular phrase that has a straight-forward meaning. When we invest our money in fair trade coffee we are helping provide money to the farmers who grow these precious beans sought after the world over. When we drink this sumptuous beverage we are ourselves imbibed with the benefaction of fair trade coffee: we have helped another while getting something wonderful in return.
  2. The proof is in the pudding - quality of fair trade coffee is something worth a mention here. Coffee is one of those things worth getting in top quality because you can tell the difference. There are coffee drinkers and then there are coffee drinkers, you know what we mean! A real coffee drinker can taste the difference. Coffee that is organic, fair-trade, and made in small batches with love and care will always taste better.
  3. The benefits of sustainability - not only are we doing the right thing by paying fair prices for our goods, but we are contributing to a world view and contributing to a standard of ethics far beyond the socioeconomic benefits. Sustainability is good for our generation and the generations to come. What would be a world without coffee? So let's make sure our children and grandchildren have this beautiful earth to inherit by doing our part to conserve her.  

So you are staring blankly at the array of coffee beans, coffee grounds, coffee tins, boxes, and pouches, and with so much to choose from, who can blame you? Maybe you have a few extra minutes to browse and sniff what's on the shelves. Hopefully, however, you will consider the benefits of fair trade coffee the next time you buy this essential beverage. And remember, if you don't like your coffee, no one else will, so make it Green Dragon Roasters and check us out online today!


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