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Fresh coffee beans are the single most important ingredient of great tasting coffee. The coffee flavor is found in oils of the bean which quickly evaporate when exposed to air.

Great coffee is a time-consuming process from seed to cup. Depending upon the climate, it takes 3-5 years for a seed to grow into a mature, bean producing plant. Coffee cherries, the bright red fruit of the coffee plant, must be processed quickly after picking.

The first step of processing removes the outer pulp from the inside bean. The bean is dried to a moisture content of 11 percent, most commonly by drying in the sun. The dried beans are known as “parchment coffee” which are warehoused in jute bags until ready for exportation. Depending on the processing method used, wet or dry, it takes a few days to several weeks to complete the drying process.

Before the beans are exported, they must be sorted according to size and weight. In many countries, this sorting continues to be done by hand. Only the best quality beans are exported. Coffee at this stage is called “green coffee.”

The roasting process transforms the green coffee into aromatic beans we purchase from our favorite coffee vendor.  The roasting process heats the beans until they reach an internal temperature of 400 degrees. At this point, the bean turns brown and the caffeoyl locked inside the bean begins to emerge, giving us the flavor and aroma of the coffee we drink.

The roasting time also determined the type of coffee – light roast, dark roast, or espresso.

When the beans are removed from the roaster, they are cooled and packaged.  This process is usually completed in the importing country to ensure freshly roasted beans reach you, the customer, as quickly as possible.

The final step of processing the coffee bean is grinding. The objective of grinding is to get the most flavor possible in a cup of coffee. As a rule of thumb, the finer the grind, the more quickly the coffee is brewed to maximize the flavor.

We believe freshness is important to our customers. For this reason, we choose to roast our beans in small batches. Coffee beans begin to lose their flavor the moment they are removed from the roaster. Our passion for coffee can be found in every roast and in the true quality of each cup brewed.

So how do you find fresh beans if you don’t live in a climate perfect for growing coffee? 

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