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True Quality is Achieved in a Small Batch

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The hallmark of Green Dragon Roasters coffee is the sublime flavor captured in the freshness of every batch. We are known for our commitment to connecting coffee drinkers with specialty coffees from around the world and we know that commitment can only be fulfilled when each variety of coffee bean is roasted with special care.

We choose to continue roasting our coffee beans in Small Batches for this very reason. Only a Small Batch roast can achieve the perfect roast of each individual variety of coffee bean. We are intimately acquainted with each variety of coffee bean we use. From the initial selection to the final product, we treat each batch as a familiar friend.

We start with the highest quality green coffee beans grown by our farming partners. These partnerships are cultivated based on the farmers' commitment to providing high quality coffee beans using sustainable and organic farming methods. But this is only the beginning of the Green Dragon difference.

Small Batch roasting means roasting each batch under a watchful eye in order to achieve the perfect roast that will deliver the best flavor possible to our customers. We constantly check the temperature and speed of each Small Batch, waiting until we achieve the unique sounds and smells of each distinct selection.

Small Batch roasting is an essential part of our total quality approach. This roasting method ensures that each batch is roasted perfectly according to the unique needs and traits of the beans we select. If you are ready to taste the exquisite difference of Green Dragon Roasters Small Batch methods, contact us today to order your choice of our specialty roasts.

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  • Buddy Hendershot: October 11, 2015

    Sister Carrie says it’s lighter and smoother so it does not need as much sugar and half and half. Still, amazingly flavorful. Uncle Roger loves your site and says that he served a cup to a surprise visitor last week, and his friend was dazzled by your coffee’s flavor. I agree with Uncle Roger about the site. Keep brewing!

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