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Hand Selection Means Flavor Protection

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Ever since the dawn of time, the highest quality of products have been made by hand.  Whether it is a toymaker, artist, or the guy who works at the deli down the street, everyone prefers handmade items because the time and effort put into them is always evident.  Many larger companies sacrifice this quality in order to increase quantity, but not Green Dragon Roasters.  We believe this level of attention applies to all products, especially ones that you put into your body!

According to the National Coffee Association, harvesting the coffee beans is the second of ten major steps to creating the perfect cup of coffee.  There are two primary ways of harvesting coffee beans.  The first way is strip picking, where the beans are all picked at once, usually by a machine.  The other way is hand selection, where the beans are constantly cared for and rotated only to have the ripest beans picked at the perfect time.  As a result, we use care and patience to provide the perfect bean with the richest flavor.  They are our babies and we make sure that we nurture them like any proud parent.  Hand selecting the best variety of new green beans is just a small part of what Green Dragon Roasters does as part of the process of making your coffee (and by extension your morning and/or daily life) as pleasurable as possible. 

With a selection that spans the entire world and a direct relationship with farmers, we know how difficult it is to accomplish such a labor intensive task as bean picking.  We like to think of what we do not just as a service to consumers but also as creating a relationship between the farms and the coffee drinkers of the world community.  If history has taught us anything, it is to know where you come from.

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