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How to reach coffee sustainability

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Developing an environment that encourages coffee sustainability is important, not only to coffee drinkers, but to the world. Just as every animal species has its own place in the ecological system we thrive in, so do plants, and coffee trees are not exempt from this.

Although we (mostly) all do love coffee, there are issues with coffee farms overtaking endangered rainforests in the world. This is the reason the International Coffee Organization has not only proposed action towards sustainability, but has put several articles and rules into effect to achieve this. We want to support coffee being grown in a safe, responsible manner that only affects the economy in a positive way; by taking small steps towards this, we can all make an impact on the global market by leading others.

There are several methods to ensure sustainability and safe economic standards for the rainforest and still maintain the growth of our delicious brewed beverages. Some of these methods include quality, ensuring that the beans collected are of quality (quality vs quantity); promotion of sustainability measures and encouraging companies to engage in them; and diversification of coffee types and companies. 

Coffee trees and shrubs themselves are wonderful for the environment, providing stable soil anchors, wildlife food and homes, and absorbing carbon dioxide. We, as people, need to ensure that we are being responsible with the already existing foliage (rainforests) and balancing that with coffee farms.

Fair Trade Coffee is a wonderful organization that ensures sustainability as well as helping farmers to keep their jobs. By buying Fair Trade Coffees, you can do your part to keep coffee growing and offering farmers a fair price for their coffee so they don't need to grow more crops, thus damaging the local rainforests - and sustainability is born.

Questions or concerns about coffee sustainability? Please contact us.

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