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The Surprising Coffee Benefits/Advantages!

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Coffee gets a bad rap for a wide variety of reasons, but believe it or not, America's favorite caffeinated beverage, coffee, has a wide variety of benefits and advantages.

For example, did you know that:

  • Coffee can help you burn fat? That's right -- caffeine is a proven fat burner, and some studies indicate that it can boost the metabolic rate by as much as 11%!
  • Coffee can improve your physical performance in the gym? Going back to coffee's fat burning properties, as caffeine metabolizes the fat in your body, the fat is converted to expendable energy. As an end result of all of this expendable energy, your gym performance can improve, on average, by about 12%
  • Coffee gives you an antioxidant boost? In 2005, a study was conducted that proved that not only does coffee provide relatively the same amount of antioxidants as your typical "superfruits," but your body absorbs the antioxidants in coffee a lot quicker. 
  • Coffee can reduce your stress levels? Studies conducted in Korea have proven that even the scent of coffee is enough to reduce stress levels.
  • Coffee is good for your liver? This is especially true if you drink alcohol (and no, you shouldn't use coffee to get over a hangover!). Drinking four or more cups of coffee a day can prevent you from developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Green Dragon Coffee gets its namesake from the Green Dragon Tavern where the American Revolution found its voice and life. The Boston Tea Party was planned here by colonial revolutionaries vying for a free and independent nation.

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