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Fun Facts About Coffee History

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With a coffee company named Green Dragon, do you imagine its history beginning with a green fire-breathing creature roasting those delectable beans?

Of course not. But Green Dragon is named after an interesting time and place in American history - the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, where the Boston Tea Party was planned. Intrigued? You can read the full story on Green Dragon's website.

But there are even more fun, interesting and sometimes unexpected tidbits in coffee history - some may surprise you!

  • According to Guinness World Records, the largest cup of coffee recorded was made by South Korea's Caffe Bene in July of 2014. It was a whopping 3,758.7 gallons - now that's a real eye opener!
  • Over the course of 260 years, between 1511 and 1777, coffee was banned no fewer than five times by different leaders around the world. Reasons ranged from a belief in Mecca that coffee caused "radical thinking" to clergymen in Italy wanting it to be labeled "Satanic"...that is, until the Pope developed a taste for it and gave it his blessing.
  • Centuries ago, coffee was considered to be a "wonder drug" and was prescribed by doctors as a "brain tonic".
  • Next time you're enjoying a cup of your favorite brew, thank a goat - it's said that coffee was first discovered in the ninth century by a goat herder in Ethiopia, when he noticed increased energy in his goats that were eating the red berries. The herder gathered some berries and took them to a man, who somehow managed to make the first coffee drink, and the rest is history - or so goes the folklore!
  • King Louis XIV was given a gift of a coffee tree in 1715; by 1765, the cultivated cuttings from that single tree had spawned over 20 million coffee trees.

The history of coffee is fascinating with many unusual stories. Contact us to find out more about our history and our specialty coffees from around the world.

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