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Coffee Benefits/Advantages - Grounds for a Purpose

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We've all heard about the many coffee benefits and advantages when it comes to our health, but did you know that even the used grounds can serve a purpose after you've finished your cup of joe?

Most of us are environmentally conscious - we know that reusing, recycling, and repurposing are key to sustaining the Earth and reducing waste. Coffee is one of those ideal products where every bit can be utilized, from the brew we enjoy to the remaining grounds. Your garden and home alike can benefit from your coffee grounds; here are just a few of the ways you can put them to good use.

  • Plant fertilizer. Combine your used coffee grounds with dead crumbled leaves or grass clippings and then mix them with the soil or scatter the mixture around the roots of plants that thrive on acidity like hydrangeas (blue blooms become more intensely colored), rhododendrons, and azaleas. They also provide some minerals that can be lacking in the soil of certain regions.
  • Furniture Fix. Lessen the appearance of scratches in dark wood furniture by mixing your grounds with water to make a paste, gently rub the mixture into the scratched area, then wipe off.
  • Bug repellant. Back in the garden, coffee grounds encircling plants can help ward off slugs and certain other nasty pests.
  • Flower freshener. Cut flowers can live longer if you nestle their stems into a soil-coffee mixture.
  • Got a dog? Adding coffee grounds to doggy shampoo can help repel fleas - without harmful chemicals.

Of course, you'll first want to enjoy a high quality coffee brew before trying these practical uses for coffee grounds. To find the perfect coffee for you and have it delivered right to your door, contact us.


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