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Addressing Myths About Espresso

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Since the growing trend of devouring coffee and espresso and anything coffee bean related does not seem to be fading, I find myself wanting to educate others on the myths about this nectar of the commuters, since it is fast approaching major-food-group status.

  • Espresso is a method of preparation, like sushi and burritos and pie. This process of brewing, turns any coffee bean into espresso.
  • You cannot make espresso without an espresso machine. Whether boycotting mass market or pinching pennies, some have claimed successful methods in their kitchens which is simply not plausible. The two things necessary to create espresso are extreme pressure and water infusion. Thankfully, there are at the very least some manual machines that let us enjoy a shot at home without breaking the bank.
  • Espresso is always described as strong. The strength is decided by the percentage of water in relation to the espresso. It is not determined by the bean or a brand.
  • Finally. It's espresso. It is not expresso. Probably best not to correct others in public, but it can be our secret. 
  • Here it comes. Coffee has more caffeine than espresso. The reason it is portrayed as the opposite is because of the pressure and concentration in espresso. The amount of ground bean used to just make that little shot are what provide the extra bite. If you used your grocery store coffee beans to make some espresso, the same thing would happen. If you filled up your World's Best Dad mug instead of that shot glass, you might be disappointed.

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