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Around the world - Coffee and the UK

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Who's better, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? They both have their merits and attractions, but face it, one just sounds better to you. It may be The Beatles or it may be The Stones, but everyone has an answer to that question. Just like this age-old debate over who does music better, is the another time-honored preference - coffee or tea?  

Americans proudly made the switch from tea to coffee in December of 1773 when colonists dumped an entire shipment of tea from the East India Company into the Boston Harbor, effectively giving King George III and the rest of the Monarchy a big middle finger.

Despite their indignant response to the Tea Act, Americans are far from the top of the list of coffee-consuming countries. According to this data, the United States ranks at #22 in coffee consumption, gulping down an average of 3.1kg (nearly seven pounds) per person annually. Take the kids out of the equation, and you've got a lot of joe on your hands.  

We all know how much the United Kingdom loves their tea. So much so, that they rank at #12 worldwide in tea consumption according to The Telegraph. The #1 spot might surprise you. But make no mistake, the UK is making its way up the coffee charts. The Washington Post has taken notice, citing that British, "[coffee] consumption has tripled since the early 1970s."

This is great news for coffee producers who are passionate about the quality of their product. Unfortunately, it's also great news for certain coffee empires which will remain nameless; empires that are no more about coffee than MTV is about music. They saturate the market with inferior beans, which are then roasted quickly and in huge batches in order to increase profit margins.   

Treating coffee like this should be considered sacrilege. So it's good to know that Brits are doing coffee right and that many of the new bistros and cafés opening all over the United Kingdom are operating under a high quality principle. When it comes to quality of product, look no further than these guys, where the batches are small, organic, and roasted slow. This means a great cup of coffee. Hopefully the Brits are taking notes.   


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