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Around the World: Coffee in Australia

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Coffee first arrived in Australia in 1788, along with numerous other stores of food and supplies carried aboard the First Fleet. This fleet consisted of two Royal Navy vessels from Great Britain, three store ships, and six convict transports. The sailors came to Australia to set up a penal colony, which ultimately became the first European settlement.

The coffee they brought with them was of dubious quality, so it wasn't that popular in the region. But years later in the 1950s, good quality espresso was finally brought to the people of Australia with the arrival of European migrants, who were avid coffee drinkers.

Today, the coffee culture in Australia is a serious business. Australia grows and exports Arabica coffee beans, once found only in Ethiopia, where it's believed to have been the first species of coffee cultivated.

With the rich, volcanic soil in Australia, the climate is perfect for producing beans with a chocolate/nutty flavor. These coffee beans are also lower in caffeine, and due to minimal problems with insects in Australia, pesticides aren't used. Therefore, drinking coffee is actually looked at by many in the region as part of a healthy lifestyle.

As in many places around the world, Green Dragon Roasters also use 100% Arabica beans in our signature and seasoned blends. Arabica got its name in ancient times when travelers transported the plant to the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. Arabica is now considered the finest quality coffee plant, because its beans produce a superior tasting coffee.

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