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The morning can be such a rush. You have to get through your routine and be ready to tackle the full plate that is your day. Nothing helps ease that stress like your favorite cup of coffee. Green Dragon Roasters understands that desire to kick-start the morning with a burst of flavor and has the blended recipes to give you just what you need.

Green Dragon Roasters continues to develop recipes to provide the perfect mix of flavor, aroma and aftertaste that will make you swoon. The Tavern Blend, a reference to the Green Dragon Tavern from which the roasters came up with their name, is a medium-dark roast made with a delightful combination of dark and light flavors. The beans come from Central America, South America, Indonesia and East Africa and really captivate the taste buds of those seeking a more robust flavor. 

For something a little more timely, consider the Seasonal Selections. This blend is modified at least three times a year to provide a coffee that complements the season. The beans used come from a variety of regions so the roasters can brew a beverage that will really connect you to every occasion. 

Perhaps you only need half a jump added to your step. If you are one of the more lively coffee lovers, the Half-Caff blend might be the best choice for you. Enjoy a fully flavored beverage with half the caffeine to give you the tasty balance of energy needed to get through the day. This blend is perfect for that midday pick-me-up. 

Whatever your coffee needs, we have the exotic blend to appease your palate. Contact Green Dragon Roasters with any questions or comments. 


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