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Coffee Benefits/Advantages: Cold Press Coffee

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We are all familiar with fresh-brewed hot coffee - the invigorating smell, the sound of the water running through the grounds, and the quick gratification as it goes from grounds to carafe to a warm mug in your hands in minutes. If you haven’t been making cold brew coffee, though, you have been missing out on a whole other set of benefits.

Cold brew coffee is made by letting grounds soak in room-temperature water, generally overnight. A ratio of one part water to four parts coffee produces a strong coffee concentrate that can be enjoyed later in a number of ways and for a myriad of reasons.

  • Naturally More Flavorful

Brewing coffee in cool water allows more notes of the coffee to come through. You will notice the subtle chocolate and fruity flavors of the cup, as well as more natural sweetness. This cuts down on the need for sugar and artificial sweeteners.

  • Less Acidic

Sensitive stomachs rejoice because cold brew coffee produces less acid in the finished drink. This makes it less likely to upset stomachs or exacerbate heartburn.

  • Versatile

The coffee concentrate can be enjoyed so many ways, even beyond the cup. It can be added to water to make a hot or cold drink, as well as frozen into cubes to chill other iced coffee drinks. Adding it to cooking makes infusing coffee flavors into food easy.

Cold brew is just another way to enjoy the coffee we all know and love, opening up more possibilities for your daily cup. Whether hot or cold, Green Dragon Roasters have a dedication to quality that never ends. Please contact us to learn more about our quality coffees.


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