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Coffee Benefits/Advantages: Save Your Grounds

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People do not throw away valuable commodities, but many people waste coffee grounds instead of using them in effective, money-saving ways. Perhaps the best-known use of used grounds is garden fertilizer. The acidic content enhances plant growth and adds nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium. Master gardeners advise mixing the grounds with dry grass clippings and/or leaves.  

In the kitchen, coffee grounds can unblock a drain. Just add dish detergent and hot water. When mixed with soapy water, grounds can remove counter stains and grease build up. The grounds can also be used to scrub pots and pans. In the bathroom, coffee mixed with coconut or almond oil plus a bit of sugar makes an effective face and body scrub that removes dead skin cells. Experiment with your favorite fragrances to see which goes best with coffee. Enjoy the beauty ritual with a plastic mug of coffee beside the tub and music from your favorite coffee country.

Before shampooing, massage coffee grounds in your hair to break down residue and leave your hair feeling cleaner. For brunettes wishing to experiment with a darker hue, coffee grounds provide a temporary coloring. 

For furniture that looks too new for your decorating taste, mix coffee grounds with water until it is a soft paste then apply with a cotton cloth. The furniture may have been purchased right out of your local store, but the look can be right out of grandma's attic. If a piece of old furniture is scratched, experiment with a paste of coffee grounds before buying an expensive product.  

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