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Coffee Benefits - Used Grounds Go a Long Way

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Coffee benefits are amazing. When you drink brewed coffee, it boosts the immune system, metabolism, blood flow, and provides the system with powerful antioxidants. It turns out that coffee grounds also have a number of benefits inside the body and inside your home. Check-out the uses and benefits of coffee grounds listed below.

1) Coffee Body Scrub – Scrubbing the grounds of coffee on your skin exfoliates the skin and increases the blood flow to the surface of the skin. Coffee grounds loosen fat cells so that your skin appears smoother and firmer. Coffee grounds also loosen tense muscles, increase muscle movement, enhance healing, as well as provide pain-relief to inflamed joints.

2) Coffee Dish Scrub – If you have coffee grounds leftover after you've scrubbed your body and sore muscles with it, use it to scrub stubborn stuck-on food off dishes, pots, and pans. For the toughest gunk, coffee will scrub a pot clean when most scrubbing pads won't work, and they're even great for making glassware look sparkly. Plus, there's no waste other than what you thought was trash already.

3) Coffee Compost – Coffee grounds are outstanding for creating a rich, healthy compost, and you can add other food stuffs that would otherwise end-up in the trash to add to your compost as well. Use your compost to pamper your plants and start your garden.

4) Shining metal - Coffee grounds will shine all types of metal quickly and effectively without harsh chemicals. You can even clean your stove with coffee grounds!

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