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Coffee Brewing Basics: The Magic Of Cold Brew

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When you are fortunate enough to have our high-quality organic arabica coffee and you are familiar with Coffee Brewing Basics, you know that preparation is key.

Cold brew is easier than you may think. You can cold brew at home without any special equipment. Cold brew coffee is significantly less acidic than brewing with hot water. The other advantage is that the taste of your cold brew coffee will be smooth as opposed to overly bitter. All you need is your Kona Coffee and a large mason jar. Your coffee will need to brew for twelve hours for optimum flavor, so be sure to prepare the night before, accordingly. First, place coffee grounds into your mason jar. Fill with water, preferably purified, leaving about a half-inch at the top for the grounds to expand overnight. If possible, leave your cold brew in a south-facing window, so the morning sun can provide a little heat.

During the night, your coffee will naturally steep in the water and will be ready in the morning. For your morning coffee, pour your cold brew from the mason jar into another cup straining through a cheesecloth or a regular coffee filter set-up. Coffee will pass through slowly. Add sugar and milk as desired. You can add ice or keep at room temperature. You can also heat your cold brew if you prefer warm coffee.

If you have a french press, you can also prepare your cold brew directly into the glass portion of the press instead of a mason jar. After brewing in a windowsill for twelve hours, press your coffee and pour it into a cup. Another advantage of cold brew is that your coffee is ready and waiting for you when you rise in the morning. 

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