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Coffee Steeped in History

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Coffee developed more-or-less out of a boycott. During the American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party met on Union Street in Boston. They met at the Green Dragon Tavern, which was demolished in 1854. A new building was created in 1870 and turned into a restaurant in 1934. 

The Green Dragon Tavern was the meeting grounds mechanics and artisans trying to adopt the Federal Constitution. It was seen during that time "unpatriotic" to consume tea. During the colonies attempt to break free from British rule, tea and tea taxes were raised. 

Americans began to support other hot beverages such as coffee, in attempt to boycott higher tea prices. This is how coffee started in the United States.

Today, Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee a day. It has become a morning staple and afternoon delight. The US is now represented as the world's biggest coffee consumer. Prior to the American Revolution, coffee was consumed much less than tea. It wasn't until Britain placed a monopoly on American importation of tea did coffee really gain popularity.

At Green Dragon Coffee Roasters, we believe in the history. We believe in giving coffee the reputation it deserves. It may have developed out of a frustrating situation however Americans are very happy with its company. Trends in coffee consumption continue to rise and are predicted rise even more. 

"At Green Dragon we take inspiration from our founders... learning is our passion, change is good and freedom of choice is everything." 

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