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Coffee's Future and the Drive for Sustainability

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Since the early days of the revolution, coffee has been a staple drink for the American population and today we see no shortage of it from waiting room freebies to well-stocked supermarket shelves boasting beans from around the World. However, as the Earth's climate becomes increasingly unstable, so to does the future of coffee. 

Does this mean it's time to start tapering down your daily dose? Thanks to efforts to make coffee production more sustainable and to respond to shifting climates, you might not have to worry just yet. The International Coffee Organization  lays out a set of long-term and short-term guidelines to secure the future of coffee farming.

Short-term adaptation strategies include improved farming practices and better post-harvest processing. Longer-term strategies include capacity-building, improved monitoring of climate data, enhancing soil fertility, introducing or preserving different production models, and developing drought and disease-resistant varieties. - See more

Sustainability International has reported a similarly optimistic view of coffee's future, speculating that by investing resources in the world's coffee producing regions, many of which are hit hardest by increasing climate instability, we can lead farmers to adopt practices that will restore damaged rainforest and improve soil and water quality. By switching to a model that allows coffee plants to coexist with other species, we can prevent soil erosion, discourage a mono-crop system that facilitates the spread of disease, and be one step closer to making coffee one of the world's first truly sustainable crops.

At Green Dragon Roasters, it is a priority to ensure that our beans meet the highest standards in quality and sustainability from sourcing to shipping. For questions regarding our sustainability efforts and the special relationships with our farmers, feel free to reach out to us!


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