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Different Roasts: Espresso Roast

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Espresso is one of the most popular ways to enjoy coffee, whether it's a pick-me-up in the morning, or an after-dinner treat. In order to get the most out of your beans, coffee lovers can now choose to use beans specifically crafted for their favorite beverage. Most coffee roasters provide a variety of options when selecting the perfect bean, including an espresso roast. So, what exactly is an espresso roast?


Espresso Origins

Originally from Italy, espresso actually refers to the preparation method of the coffee. While it is more popular in Europe, proper espresso is often consumed in a single shot. Extract the shot using a high heat and pressure extraction process, usually using an espresso machine. As it gains popularity around the world today, roasters look to diversify the flavor profile offered by this popular drink.


Roasting for the Flavor

Although commonly associated with a bitter flavor, espresso drinks can vary, depending on the beans and roast in the extraction process. While many espresso drinkers favor the bold, bittersweet, dark roast, some roasters prefer a lighter and fruiter taste. Experienced coffee roasters understand how different kinds of beans will react to the roasting process. A tactful moderation of the roasting process allows the sugars inside the beans to caramelize, but not burn.


Espresso Bean

Bean origin makes a big impact on final flavor, so even if the roasted beans looks similar in color, two different origins often yield different outcomes. Italian style espresso roasts are bold, with a mild acidic finish. Most Italian blends use beans from Brazil and Vietnam, using roasts that bring out the sweetness of the beans, while retaining that classic espresso flavor. For those who prefer a powerful, yet acidic and delicate flavored espresso, reach for the American-style beans, which utilizes high quality beans from Africa, and the Pacific Region.


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