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Different Roasts For Different Folks

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Different Roasts

For coffee drinkers, there are acquired tastes, favoring different roasts. Coffee beans are offered in three types of roasts: Light, Medium and Dark. Let's take a more detailed look at each of them.

  • Light

It's a misconception that dark roasts are the most caffeinated. In fact, it's the quite the opposite, as the light roasts offer the most zing. The beans, once roasted, are light brown. While dark roasts will have a shiny, oily surface, the light roasts have no oil at all, as the roasting process used does not allow for oils to come to the bean's surface.

Of the three roasts, light roasts have highest acidity, while dark roasts are the lowest in acidity.

Some common names for light roasts include Light City, Half City, and Cinnamon.

  • Medium

Medium roast is all about balance. There is a fullness of body, yet a balance between the body and bean's acidity. The beans produced yield a coffee that is both strong in flavor as well as aroma.

A shared trait with the light roasts is the lack of oil on the bean's surface. Again, this is attributable to the roasting process. While the light roasted beans tends to be closer in color to tan, medium roast produces beans that are almost chocolate brown in color.

Common names for medium roasts include City, American, and Breakfast (or Breakfast Blend). Medium roasts are popularly referred to as "the American Roast", due in part to it being the preferred roast in the United States

  • Dark

Dark roasts are notably dark in color, not too dissimilar to that of plain, or dark, chocolate. The beans also have an oily quality about them as well as a smoky bitterness in the coffee produced. 

It's recently been confirmed that while dark roasts do not contain as much concentrated caffeine, they do, in fact, possess something that light and medium roasts lack: large quantities of N-methylpyridinim (NMP), a compound which prevents hydrochloric acid from amassing in the stomach. A 2010 study in Germany and Austria found that high amounts of NMP aided in the reduction of stomach acids.

Whichever roast is your personal favorite, we have you covered. Just drop us a line. We'd love to aid you to get your caffeine fulfillment.


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