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Different Roasts Satisfy Every Coffee Palate

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Just like the different varieties of wine from around the world, the different roasts of coffee are sure to satisfy any coffee craving. Light roasts for the subtle tastes, darker roasts for the more adventurous coffee lover, and every roast in between. Roasting brings out the aroma and flavor of the coffee bean. Storing the beans green mean the beans have no character, are soft and spongy, and taste a bit grassy. Just like the saying, "with every action, there is a reaction", chemical changes take place in the bean when roasted at a high temperature until reaching  roasting perfection. Next, the beans are quickly cooled to stop the roasting process. Unlike the green coffee bean, the roasted beans are crunchy, smell like coffee, and are ready to be brewed.

Let's explore the methods of roasting, the flavors, and some food pairings for your next cup of joe: 

Light Roasts

  • Roasted with milder coffee varieties
  • No oil on the surface as they are not roasted long enough for the oils to break through.
  • Highest acidity, but the brightest of roasts
  • Preferred by those enjoying smoother, less robust flavor
  • Pairs well with avocado to give the coffee a bit more robust feel in your mouth. A sugary, sweet cookie will balance the acidity and bring out the smoothness. Drink your coffee black with your cookie. Or, a buttery croissant as the butter softens the brightness for a fuller taste.

Medium Roasts

  • Medium brown in color and a stronger flavor than a light roast. This roasts is popular with American coffee drinkers.
  • The beans may be have a non-oily surface or oil may be visible.
  • Nice balance of acidity and body
  • Pairs well with soft cheeses like mozzarella to soften the boldness, or a grilled cheese sandwich as the bread and cheese act like cream and sugar with your coffee, making it smooth and easy to drink. Tomato soup mellows the sharpness of the coffee due to the tanginess of the tomato.

Medium Dark Roasts

  • Have a rich, dark color
  • Some oil is visible on the bean's surface.
  • Slight bittersweet after taste
  • Pairs well with, yes, CHOCOLATE as a great compliment to a medium roast. Chocolate brings a perfect balance and smoothness together. Or, try some berries, citrus fruits, raisins, or currents to balance the slight bittersweet taste of the coffee.

Dark Roasts

  • Shiny, black beans with an oily surface
  • Pronounced bitterness
  • Less acidic due to the darker roast
  • Brightness of the light roast is replaced by body from the dark roast
  • Pairs well with Quiche as the eggs and butter bring out the richness of the coffee and makes it taste a bit sweet like drinking a latte with your Quiche. Or, a dark chocolate, caramel, or a toffee as a dark roast is a great compliment to these dessert treats.

Roasts are a personal preference, but knowing the different roasts may tempt you to raise the bar for your next coffee experience. Contact us and we will be happy to guide you through this experience.  


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