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Do Good and Feel Good by Drinking Organic

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As a society, we are much more aware of what we put into our bodies these days.  For a while, we all wanted healthy and low-fat regardless of the consequences or the ingredients used in the product.  Now we are aware that low-calorie does not always mean healthy.  That is why there is a strong push towards natural or organic products as we now take a better look at what food is made with and where it comes from.

Organic foods and drink are now the craze, but what does it mean?  In short, organic foods and drinks are made without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or radiation.  Animals are not fed chemically altered food if their meat will be considered organic.  All ingredients are grown away from contaminated areas that are near sewage and genetically modified organisms. 

So how does this impact my morning cup of joe?  What difference does it make if I choose organic or not?  Glad you asked!

  1. Traditional coffee is historically known to be one of the most chemically treated foods/drinks.  The use of chemicals can negatively impact the environment, communities, and the farmers handling the product. 
  2. Organic coffee beans are usually grown in the shade, as is their natural inclination.  Non-organic plants are grown in large fields allowing run off during rain, which can transport the hazardous materials all over the area.
  3. A little known fact about organic farmers is that they receive approximately 15 cents more per pound.  This acts as motivation to take the best care of the beans as possible.  They even have been known to inspect each bean and divide them according to quality!

Since Green Dragon prides ourselves on sustainability and relationships with farmers, we do not want to put them in harm's way by handing hazardous materials while also giving them the best possible price for their efforts.  Luckily for us and you, this also provides us with the best bean! Contact us get more information about our wide selection of organic blends and single origin coffees.


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