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Espresso Tonic: The Speciality Coffee Dreams Are Made Of

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A staple of barista competitions and the international coffee scene for years prior, it's only natural that an innovative specialty coffee drink would make its way into the American market through a San Francisco cafe. That's precisely what happened in 2014 with the refreshing Espresso Tonic.

If you're in search of something to cool you off while simultaneously delivering that necessary caffeine kick, look no further than this effervescent beverage. Most notably, this thirst-quenching creation delivers some serious citrus notes and a crisp finish.

A hefty amount of care goes into the selection and preparation of a quality Espresso Tonic. Only two ingredients are necessary, though many cafes have made their own additions. With just those two, a surprising amount of complexity emerges from the combination.


The Tonic

Most tonics fall somewhere within a range from citrusy to bitter, so it's essential to find the right balance. Fever Tree, a favorite among baristas for this libation, is known for its quality and blend of flavor elements. It's best to find one that does not fall too far toward either extreme for the best result.


The Espresso

While most espressos yield unique and delicious characteristics, some are superior to others for this particular concoction. Beans from Kenya or Ethiopia are thought to be some of the most ideal for this recipe due to their fruitier properties.


The Preparation

This refreshment is traditionally served over ice, so fill your favorite glass. It's essential to slowly pour the tonic in first, about 2/3 of the way up your container, for a couple of reasons. First, to achieve that awesome layering effect, giving this beauty the most Instagram-ability! Most importantly though is to not risk the tonic overflowing your glass.

Pull a long shot of your favorite espresso and gently cascade it atop that gorgeous elixir. Voila! Sit back and prepare to experience your newest obsession.


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