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Espresso - Yesso! A Short Discourse on Why It's the Best

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For coffee enthusiasts, the day will come when it's time to invest in a real espresso machine. You've already tried several stovetop espresso or moka pots, and even though they make great tasting espresso-like coffee, it's quite different from the real deal. For one thing, it lacks the beautiful crema that only occurs with an actual espresso pump machine. Crema is the creamy, caramel colored foam on top of your espresso, the crowning touch to a marvelous tasting concoction.

Having this new, wonderful machine could turn you into a coffee geek. Hence, when friends and guests come to your house, you might delight in offering them a true cup of espresso. But some of them will turn you down, because they think it is too strong, and has way too much caffeine.

Being a new coffee geek and having done your research, you will be able to explain that espresso actually has less caffeine than drip-coffee, making it a bit healthier. Part of the reason is the brewing method. Drip coffee takes longer to brew, allowing more caffeine to remain in the coffee. With espresso, the steam extraction process is very quick, thus less caffeine filters through. Also, a cup of espresso is usually served in a 2 ounce demi-tasse as opposed to the standard 6-8 ounce coffee cup.

Of course there are other factors to brewing a fabulous cup of espresso, such as the type of beans, and the kind of roast. It is not an absolute to use only dark roasted Arabica beans. On the contrary, a medium or even a light espresso roast can make a great cup of this tantalizing brew.

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