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Famous Scenes in Coffee History

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Coffee holds a strong social position - just think of all the common social arrangements we take for granted:

  • First date: "Would you like to meet for coffee?" 
  • Getting together on common ground with someone for business or pleasure: "Let's go for coffee." 
  • Resolving a disagreement with a friend: "Let's discuss it over coffee." The great equalizer and major comfort zone.

And the list goes on. But what might not have occurred to you is that coffee is also a celebrity superstar - these social situations and more feature prominently on the silver screen and small screen alike. Coffee history is as rich as its many brews - that all-important drink makes appearances in numerous famous scenes throughout the history of motion pictures and television. It's been a prop, a destination, and a featured player.

Who can forget that iconic scene in Breakfast At Tiffany's, where Audrey Hepburn stares longingly at the jewels in Tiffany's window? But front and center is that superstar cup of coffee she's holding.

In the hit TV sitcom Friends, a then-fictitious New York City cafe called Central Perk was the setting for lots of character interactions, and large coffee cups were always on screen. One of the characters even started out the series working as a waitress there, a job she never really managed to master.

When Meg Ryan makes a date with her Internet beau Tom Hanks in You've Got Mail, they arrange to meet for the first time in person at a cafe for coffee. 

The male lead character named Lionel Hardcastle, played by Geoffrey Palmer in the beloved Britcom As Time Goes By, was formerly a coffee planter in Kenya. Coffee is mentioned, proffered and featured in many episodes, and in one episode he offers an educated evaluation of "jolly nice coffee" about his sweetheart's brew.

In dramas, comedies, romances, westerns, old movies, contemporary shows - you name it, coffee is center stage over and over again. To find the perfect bean that will take the starring role in your world, contact us for a large cast of coffees from which to choose. 


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