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Freshness: The Secret Ingredient

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One of the best ways to wake up in the morning is to smell fresh coffee beans - the quality aroma fills your senses with coffee's magical prowess so you can take on the day. To maintain the freshness of your small-batch coffee beans, we recommend our Airscape Coffee Canister or Preservation Insert

First and foremost, do not store ground espresso. It will lose its freshness quickly and should be used immediately after being ground. Store up to one pound of whole coffee beans in our restaurant-grade stainless steel canister sealed by a patented valve system that forces air out and locks the lid in place.

We love these coffee canisters because of its sleek design and compact shape. Neutral colors - from pearl to obsidian - will make a great addition your home or office decor. Stack them to save cabinet space or arrange different colors on your kitchen counter for a multi-toned look. Be sure to keep the canister away from light, heat and moisture to ensure a quality cuppa. 

The preservation insert, sold separately, forces out oxygen and locks in freshness for any standard 3.5-5 gallon bucket. Our patent-pending lid is a game changer for food storage. The BPA-free insert is made from food-friendly materials, so you can feel good about whatever you decide to store. Store coffee beans, flour, rice cereal, pet food and more – the possibilities are endless, get creative!

The canister and insert will last longest if hand-washed. For more information about our small-batch coffee beans and gear, please contact us


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