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Hand Selection is Vital to Coffee Perfection

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There's a lot more to choosing the right coffee than you might think. When it comes to picking the best beans for your brew, you may want to consider going with coffee that has undergone hand selection.

Hand selection, also known as hand picking, is a method that involves choosing only the ripest possible cherries from the coffee tree. According to the National Coffee Association, experienced coffee pickers will travel around the coffee orchard, visiting each tree every eight to ten days, checking the tree over and selecting the beans with the best qualities for harvest. Only the best and ripest coffee cherries get harvested and sent to Green Dragon Coffee for roasting.

Once we receive the raw coffee beans, they undergo another type of hand selection; taking out unwanted coffee beans that could spoil the taste of your morning brew. Our coffee experts will examine every bean for quality and consistency. Beans that are over-ripe or under-ripe get tossed out, since even one bad bean can ruin the flavor of the coffee. In the same way, beans that are too large or too small are thrown out as well, because they can cause uneven roasting.

Choosing the right beans is a crucial step that will determine the final quality of the coffee once it's roasted. At Green Dragon Coffee Roasters, every single batch of our fresh roasted coffee is examined by hand, from the tree all the way to our sorting table. We are committed to bringing you the best possible coffee experience in the world, which demands excellence along every step of our coffee-making process.

The next time you're buying a bag of coffee, you might want to consider this: were your beans selected by a machine, or by a careful eye and a human hand?

Want to know more about how Green Dragon Coffee Roasters makes each carefully selected batch of coffee? Please, contact us anytime with questions about our process.


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