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Hand Selection Means a Better Brew

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"Hand Selection" is a term used in the coffee industry to describe a practice that makes each cup of coffee taste extra special. It means that each bean is specially chosen by a coffee expert, from a variety of new green coffee beans, when it is determined that a particular bean has the qualities inherent in delivering the best tasting coffee.  This is a time-consuming practice, but one that has shown, over and again, to result in the richest, most delicious coffee.

Coffee experts approach hand selection much as one might approach reading a book. Each bean is 'read' by the person doing the hand selecting, according to its individual characteristics. Just as one might find all sorts of different characters in a book, one might find many different shapes, sizes and textures of beans in a coffee harvest.

At first glance, one might surmise that all coffee beans look alike.  However, the coffee expert sees things that the novice might not catch. He or she looks for defects that might adversely affect the flavor of the coffee, and for the best tasting beans overall. For instance, new crop coffees that have been wet-processed, can appear as a deeper shade of green than other coffees, but are not necessarily so. A 'stinker' or a coffee bean that has turned black, is a seed that has rotted in the fruit. Only by hand selection, can the beans undergo the kind of careful scrutiny that results in the riches, most impressive flavors.

Some coffee naturally has more irregular beans than other types, and is still considered premium quality. Having irregular beans does not mean the coffee is, in any way, inferior. On the contrary, one need only taste the final product to determine its worth. The irregularities are simply a part of the the coffee's character that makes the flavor special. By adding a certain percentage of  'off' beans, a note of earthiness is added that gives the brew a certain balanced flavor. 

Green Dragon Roasters hand selects coffee to bring you the ultimate in coffee drinking pleasure.  If we can answer any questions for you about the process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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