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How to Make a Perfect Pot of Espresso

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We've all had it by now - that deep, sultry coffee the Italians refer to as espresso - but how about having a cup of this rich coffee at home. You've thought about doing it - buying an espresso machine, finding that perfect espresso coffee, mastering the techniques of foaming - but find the whole thing a bit too overwhelming. So now we're going to tell you how to make a perfect pot of espresso at home:

  • First, you have to buy a good espresso maker. This is imperative and worth splurging a little for, but just think how quickly the money will add up from your not having to pay the high prices for it at your local coffee shop. The top of the line espresso makers are pricey, with home machines running up to $600. If you're ready for that, Espresso Gusto gives the Breville BES870XL Barista Express the rating of Best Semi-Automatic Machine overall. With a grinder built-in, it gives you the perfect grind so necessary for that perfect pot of espresso. Love the idea of espresso at home, but can't quite see forking over so much money for a machine? Espresso Gusto gives the Mr. Coffee Barista Espresso Maker with Automatic Milk Frother the Best Value award. At $200 it might be more up your alley. Unlike many espresso machines, this one froths the foam for you, taking the guess-work out of that tricky job.
  • So you've got your machine and (assuming you already own a grinder if you didn't splurge on the expensive one), and you're ready to buy your coffee. Check out Green Dragon Roaster's choices, with four different varieties of espresso offered. They have something for whatever taste you prefer in an espresso. The top of the line is their Black Label Espresso, which still retails at a reasonable price. Its citrus highlights come from a mixture of Kona coffee (considered by many to be the best coffee available) and Panamanian Catuai coffee, making for a rich and full-bodied cup. Of course, the other three options are all wonderful in their own way, as well. Their Canoas Colima Espresso is a coffee with a clean, crisp taste that will universally appeal to all espresso drinkers. Another option, with a sweet, smooth taste that lingers on the palate, is their Maui Red Catuai Espresso. Finally,  single origin coffees are all the rage now, and Green Dragon Roasters has it very own. Their Seasonal Single Origin Espresso allows you to try a variety of offerings over time. Always an adventure, you'll find something new to tantalize your taste buds each time the season changes.

So now you have your pot and your coffee. Make sure to grind it very finely and read the espresso maker's instructions. You'll be settling down to a smooth, rich cup of espresso in no time.

For more information about Green Dragon's coffees, contact us.


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