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Micro-Roasters: Size Really Does Matter

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If you frequent local coffee shops, you might have noticed a boom in micro-roasters across the country. Micro-roasters like us take the green coffee beans and roast them in small batches. There is no set-in-stone definition for what constitutes a "small batch", but micro-roasters will typically roast in anywhere from 8lb batches to about 60lb batches. Some may think being a micro-roaster is simply trendy, but there are many advantages to roasting in small batches.

  • It's quality, not quantity. When you roast in small batches, you are able to ensure that the roasting chamber is filled with quality green beans. A quality green bean will ensure a quality roasted bean -- meaning your mornings just got a whole lot better. 
  • Roasting is an art. For small batch Roasters, roasting isn't just a mechanical job. There are secrets and tricks to getting the roast just right. The Roaster, once the beans are in the chamber, must slowly raise the temperature. Raising the temperature of the roaster too quickly makes the outsides of the beans "cook" more quickly than the insides (just like cookies!). But, if the temperature isn't raised at the right increments, the Roaster risks dulling the flavor of the beans. 
  • Different strokes for different... beans? Every green bean has different ways of being roasted that will bring out different flavors when brewed. By roasting in small batches, the Roaster can use the same origin of green bean in several different ways -- increasing the variety for the customer, and maximizing product for the roaster. With different roast profiles for the same bean, the Roaster can then showcase all of the different flavors each origin/region has to offer! The exploration possibilities are endless with small batch roasting! 

So, see? Size really does matter. Keep your coffee hot, your batches small, and your mornings blissful with Green Dragon Coffee Roasters.



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