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New Study Shows Coffee Drinkers Have the Benefit of Lower Chance of Colon Cancer

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At one time, those who couldn't live without their daily java fix felt a little bad about it, and many talked of cutting back. But lately, there is so much discussion about the benefits and advantages of coffee that there's no need to squelch that craving. Diseases such as diabetes, depression, and heart disease have all recently showed some lower risk associated with coffee, and now there's a new study looking at colorectal cancer.

Researchers at the University of Southern California and Clalit National Israeli Cancer Control Center investigated 5,100 patients who were recently diagnosed with colon cancer. They also questioned 4,000 people with no cancer diagnoses. After asking many lifestyle questions, they found a connection between drinking coffee and those in the control group without the cancer diagnosis. People who drank between one and two cups per day had a 25% reduced chance of having colon cancer, and this reduction rose to 50% when a person drank more than two and a half cups per day. The results even held true when other issues such as genetics, and other negative lifestyle choices were accounted for.

Another notable discovery was the fact that it didn't matter what type of coffee was consumed. Some other health issues only responded to caffeinated coffee, or a strong brew such as espresso. In this study, regular, decaf, strong, weak, and even instant provided the same benefits.

Researchers aren't completely sure why the coffee is so beneficial in this area of health, but some of it has to be the ability of coffee to keep the digestive system moving along. It may also fight certain bacteria in the stomach or fight against damaged cells before they enter the colon.

Whatever the reason behind the science, there is definitely a connection between drinking coffee and not being diagnosed with colon cancer. So don't feel bad about having another cup today. In fact, it's a great day to expand your coffee repertoire and try something new. To try some of the best specialty coffee from around the world, freshly roasted and delivered right to you door, contact us.


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