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Regions of Coffee: Pacific Plunge

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When it comes to coffee, location matters. The unique climate and history of each coffee region plays a role in the ultimate flavor and profile of your morning cup. Travel around the globe with a quick sip to find your favorite coffee growing region. The Pacific Region is home to some of the most sought after and delicious coffee flavors, due to a perfect equatorial proximity and abundant microclimates.


The Pacific Region

The area that makes up the Pacific Region of coffee includes Bali, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, and more. These equatorial islands incorporate a unique processing style, along with perfect climactic conditions to produce highly sought after coffee beans. Although the roots of coffee in these areas lie in an exciting colonial history, this region continues to produce top quality coffee beans today.



Sloping mountains and warm equatorial temperatures create a variety of microclimates throughout this region. Coffee trees line the tall mountain peaks, thriving in the lush landscape. This ideal location along the equator fosters a humid climate, allowing the beans to develop bigger flavors in the rich volcanic soil. These conditions are perfect for coffee production, producing savory complex flavors, enjoyed by coffee-drinkers worldwide.



The flavors of Pacific Region coffee beans are bold, wild, and earthy. With a distinctive herbal spice and sweet aroma, many liken it to similar characteristics of a red wine. Although bold, the body is not too heavy, leaving a satisfying, complex finish. A dash of acidity softens the bold flavors, and beckons the drinker to take one more sip.


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