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Simple Single Origin or Fancy Blends?

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For most of us indecisive coffee lovers, blends are the way to go.  We don't just want to smooth flavor of Columbia coffee, but also the sharp tang of African coffee as well.  In this day and age, why settle for one when we can have it all? 

The other option that has been increasing in popularity since about 2004 is single origin coffee. This coffee bean comes from one geographic location, perhaps even one specific farm. It can even be as precise as regularly being harvested on the same day.  While this type of coffee does not sound quite as sexy as a blend, there are several unique features to keep in mind that can help you make that all important choice that may dictate your entire day.

  1. Flavor - While blends give you variety, single origin gives you consistency and richness in taste.  You like a hint of berry?  What if you kicked that up a notch with an entire cup full!
  2. Specificity - Single origin coffee beans are treated as the delicate flowers that they are.  Particular attention is given to these beans to cultivate them in the way for which they are most suited, leading to the best cup of coffee that maximizes the specific bean's characteristics. 
  3. Sustainability - Green Dragon prides ourself on the relationships we cultivate with farmers.  Single origin coffee nurtures and supports these very important relationships as they are necessary to give the beans the attention they require.

Do you prefer a rock band (blend) or a are you more of a solo artist kind of person (single origin)?  Contact us today to find out more about both!


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