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Small Batch Coffees

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Small batch roasted coffees will make a seasoned coffee drinkers mouth water. With exquisite aromas, exciting layers of flavor, and each batch different from the rest, small batch roasting is a timeless and unique experience that everyone should have. For those of you who have not had small batch roasted coffee, here are some of the benefits.

  • Small batch roasting allows the roaster to control every bit of the coffee process - the color of the beans when done, the aroma in the air, what type of beans to buy...Not only can you roast your own small batches of coffee, but some actually allow people to order their own small batches. 
  • A complex system allows the roaster to determine how long to leave the beans in for. Nine to thirteen minutes - complex, right? It's as simple as mankind is old - some even let their olfactory senses guide them to proper cooking time.
  • By roasting small batches, the roaster is in complete control of the end flavor of the beans. This means for those who like light coffee or dark coffee, it doesn't matter anymore - you can literally control how they turn out. 

There are some common issues that small batch roasters have, but are easily fixed.

  • Wrong beans! This can easily be fixed by doing a bit of research to find what kind is needed for the perfect cup of brew, but generally Arabica beans are the way to go.
  • Burning the beans. Some people like dark coffee, but overcooking the beans won't help at all. Simple guideline - 9 to 13 minutes for each batch.
  • Water. Tap water has chemicals and minerals that can actually affect the flavor of small batch roasted coffees. To fix this, simply getting filtered or distilled water is the best solution.
  • Water is too hot. Yes, beans can be scalded if they are freshly roasted (and who doesn't want freshly roasted coffee beans?). Allowing the water to cool for a while before pouring over beans can coax out the subtle flavors of small batch coffees.

Any more questions on small batch coffee roasting? Or want some more advice? Please, contact us for all your small batch needs.


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