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Specialty coffee from Tanzania, the peaberry capital of the world

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Here at Green Dragon Roasters, we pride ourselves on our eclectic mix of specialty coffees and one of our favorite varietals is our single source, Tanzania Peaberry Plus

So what's a peaberry and what does it have to do with my morning java you ask? Well, it's sort of a mutant coffee bean - but many would argue it's a good kind of mutant.

Normally the coffee cherry (surprise, coffee is actually a fruit tree!) contains two beans side by side. Sometimes one of the beans fails to develop and the remaining bean grows to a larger size, taking up the remaining space and absorbing extra nutrients from the tree. The result is a rotund, single bean with a more sophisticated flavor profile, a harder density and different roasting requirements.

In Spanish, peaberries are called caracol, which translates literally to "snail", presumably because of their resemblance to little snail shells.

Because of their odd shape and special requirements, peaberries, which account for up to 5% of the crop, are usually separated by hand from the larger batch of green coffee beans so that they can be roasted and sold separately. As a result, peaberry varietals often have a distinctive flavor and body from their flat sided brethren, even though the two come from the same tree.

We like our peaberries roasted medium with a brown non-oily finish, making Tanzania Peaberry Plus a versatile cup of coffee for either first thing in the morning or after dessert.  

For more information on our fair trade specialty coffees from around the world, including our Tanzania Peaberry Plus, feel free to contact us.


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