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The Benefits/Advantages of Being A Better Coffee Snob

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Unfortunately, you can't help it. You bring your french press to work. When you visited your parents, you packed your thermometer, scale, timer, and Aeropress. You go to that coffee bar down-town nobody else has heard of. Don't be ashamed, own it.

Expand Your Beverage Game

Do you glare in disdain when people try to convert you to the green tea hype? Antioxidants disgust you. But maybe you should reconsider. Taking a break from coffee makes it so much better when you pick it up again. And besides tea is truly delicious. A good way to start is to mix it with your coffee. The L-theanine in tea can take the edge off the caffeine, making you even more alert and preventing jitters. Dark roasted coffee retains its bite pretty well even under some green tea. You could stop there but is such a world a tea out there to mix and match. You might find yourself drinking even more coffee.


Expand Your Venues

Is your day ruined if you don't listen to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes while you pour hot water over your Chemex? Home-brew coffee has its benefits/advantages,  but If you're not going out for your coffee at all, you should probably start. Sometimes a good cup of coffee is better when you don't have to make it. You can just relax and meet other people, expand your horizons. Or get some work done. Going out to a coffee bar is not all about the coffee, but just finding a good place to be. So stop being so snobbish about Starbucks.


Expand Your Home Coffee Game

Do you go to a coffee bar for your fix every time? Buy some manual coffee makers. You are making it manually right? Manual coffee makers are very inexpensive. You can buy a moka pot, french press and aeropress for the price of one Keurig. Making you own coffee can be a satisfying daily routine. It allows you to experiment with brew time, temperature, and grind size. You can make exactly what you want, when you want it, all while listening to your favorite classic R and B songs.


In the end though, it's really all about the beans. If you're looking for single origin or blends Green Dragon has it. Please contact us.


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