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The Meaning of Fair Trade

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"Fair Trade" is an expression that has become a buzz phrase for gourmet coffee.  However,  few people actually know the term means.  Most would probably be surprised to learn that their choice to purchase a delicious cup of Fair Trade coffee goes far to contribute toward helping coffee farmers escape poverty.

The majority of family coffee farmers work on small-scale farms in locations that are remote from the United States. Since most do not have access to credit, they have had few other choices historically than to rely on unscrupulous middlemen who pay the farmers a small fraction of the coffee's actual value.

The Fair Trade Agreement puts a minimum price guarantee into place for the  farmers.  It also helps farmers eliminate the need for middlemen, and acts to link coffee farmers directly with more ethical coffee importers. This helps create an environment of long-term sustainability.

With the assistance of Fair Trade, farmers are able to earn better incomes. Fair Trade also allows farmers to retain their land, and to invest in quality bean crops that benefit coffee consumers as well. The trade agreement's funds are specifically designated for environmental, social and economic development projects that offer countless benefits to the farmers and their families that need it most. 

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of purchasing Fair Trade coffee and its related products, please contact us for additional information.  We are dedicated to responsibly connecting coffee drinkers with fresh, delicious specialty coffees from across the globe.


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