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Unique Ways to Drink Coffee

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For some of us, coffee is the blood of life. We can't imagine starting our day without a cup of joe. Some of us can't live without flavored coffees and creams. Others want our java piled high with fancy froth. And some of us just need it hot, dark, and strong. But in some parts of the world, people like their coffee served with a twist.

In Vietnam, cà phê trứng is a popular breakfast coffee. It is a strong brewed coffee, but instead of milk or cream, this coffee uses egg yolks. It stems from a time when milk was hard to come by, so the yolk of an egg was whisked into a froth with sugar and spices. Today, some cafés even mix a little cheese into the mix for a surprisingly tasty treat. 

Yuanyang is a mix of coffee and milky tea, drunk in Hong Kong. It is also known as Lovebirds Tea, the name referring to mandarin ducks. This drink combines strong black coffee with equally strong black milky tea and it packs a punch! Many people like it hot, but it can be served cold, too, as a nice refresher on a hot day. 

Maybe you like your coffee with a little something extra? In Germany, a couple of shots of rum and a dollop of whipped cream are added to good strong coffee to make pharisäer. Rumor has it that the drink was created for a celebration during a time when the local pastor berated his people for "godless" drinking. The whipped cream was added to mask the odor of the rum slipped into the coffee.

Coffee doesn't need to be boring! Brew it and play with it and find your own special way of drinking it! Contact us to explore all of the amazing coffees Green Dragon Coffee has to offer.

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  • Ron Chamberlin: March 19, 2017

    I like a light/medium roast, made strong. A woody, not sweet/berry favored. Something like Sumatra is good. What do you recommend ?

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