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What Makes Estate Coffee So Special?

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What makes Estate grown coffee so special? What is Estate coffee? Simply put, Estate grown coffee is a special kind of Single-origin coffee that is grown in a specific area, typically on a single farm. However, you may wonder, what makes this coffee so unique?

One thing you may notice when trying a variety of Estate coffees is the subtle, or perhaps not so subtle, differences in flavor profiles. To create a truly unique coffee drinking experience, growers and roasters work harmoniously to ensure the best possible methods of growing, harvesting, and roasting these beans to perfection. The timing and methods used in the process often affect the flavor, but the environment in which the beans are grown and harvested play an essential role in the end product.

Like an artist painting a masterpiece on a canvas with notes of blueberry, perhaps cinnamon, earthy, sweet or savory, these growers use the landscape and the elements in the soil, temperature, climate, and even elevation to ensure each coffee has a unique and special taste and superior quality. Like snowflakes, no two Estate coffees are exactly alike! Growers work hard to cultivate such special beans and communicate with roasters to provide you with an exceptional cup of coffee you will enjoy, sip after sip.

We know these flavors stand all on their own as a work of art, but did you know that they can also be paired according to their flavors with pastries, chocolate, baked goods, or even cheese, nuts or meat? That's right! Since these coffees have such a distinct combination of flavors, an Estate coffee can have notes of chocolate, perhaps bittersweet flavor and may pair well with (of course), chocolate, while another may have notes of fruity, citrus, or sweet flavors and pair well with a fruit pastry or cake. Still another may have a certain savory quality that, as you may have guessed, savory foods such as nuts, cheese, or even meat may compliment! The possibilities are almost endless.

If you would like to enjoy high quality, hand crafted Estate coffee made with only the finest selected beans, please contact us.  


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