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Why Choose Organic Coffee?

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Did you know that coffee is considered to be one of the "dirty dozen"? We're not talking about the old 1960s movie - we're referring to the twelve foods with the highest levels of pesticide contamination. When you drink a cup of non-organic coffee, you're ingesting lots of pesticide residue along with your daily brew.

The US government has no say over how much pesticide farmers use on their coffee crops because most coffee is grown outside the US. However, some of the most dangerous and toxic chemicals that are not allowed to be used on American farms are exported to other countries and used on crops (like coffee) that are then imported into the US.

Just how much toxicity you're getting in that eye-opening cup o'java isn't clear, but it is known that up to 250 pounds of pesticide is used to treat every one-acre parcel of a coffee plantation. That's a lot of carcinogens. 

So what's a coffee lover to do? The answer is deliciously simple: buy organic coffee. In order for any crop to be certified as organic, the farm on which it's grown needs to meet specific USDA requirements, including (but not limited to) avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and other restricted chemicals.

Some coffee connoisseurs feel that organic coffee actually has a richer, fuller taste and aroma than non-organic. And of course, we've all heard about the health benefits coffee offers, like containing antioxidants that can help lower inflammation, which in turn can help prevent serious diseases like cancer.

While it's true that you'll pay more for any organic product, you'll also have the peace of mind that you're preserving your health along with the earth and even the small wildlife that come in contact with the crops. And that always feels good!

Green Dragon Coffee carries both organic and fair trade organic coffees; contact us for more information or to order your freshly roasted selection today.


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