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Why Should I Choose Organic Coffee?

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Some people consider the term "organic" as nothing more than a common buzz word in the foody world. Organic fruit, organic cereal, organic flour, but now organic COFFEE? According to The Random House Dictionary, one definition of organic is, "characteristic of or pertaining to or derived from a living organism." So let's check out this organic coffee choice keeping that definition in mind.

The first thing most of us do in the morning, is to reach for our favorite coffee mug and fill it with the black, rich smelling liquid known as coffee. Maybe not thinking about its origin or growing practices, but merely enjoying those first minutes of peace and quiet before the busy day begins. The thought of the coffee beans being drenched in chemicals like chlorine and ammonia or the plants being sprayed with volatile pesticides before reaching the grocery store shelf may be a thought to push into the back of your mind. Organic coffees are just that--coffee--nothing more, nothing less.

As you get into your car to go to your job, probably grabbing the to go mug for the drive, have you ever thought about the farmers growing that coffee plant for your enjoyment? The chemicals they must handle, the pesticides and herbicides they must inhale, or their environment being altered or destroyed in order to grow the plants. EcoWatch stated, "78% of the coffee farmers handling pesticides on a regular basis complained of dizziness, headaches, difficulty breathing and tightness in the chest." Organic coffee growers use sustainable growing practices, keep the farmers healthy, as well as care for the general environment.

Then there is the taste test. Have a cup of conventionally grown coffee next to a cup of organic coffee and taste both. Your taste buds will appreciate the richness and flavor clarity of the organically grown coffee as the conventionally grown coffee lacks in flavor and may taste just a little "off".

Green Dragon Roasters is dedicated to our coffee drinkers to offer organic coffee varieties, roasting in small batches with the highest quality beans available. Please contact us with your comments or questions.


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