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Why You Should Buy Sustainable Coffee

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When you think of sustainability, there are many images that may pop into your mind, but coffee is probably not one of them. However, the issue of sustainability has a wider scope than many of us realize. In fact, whenever you purchase any product, you should consider whether or not it has been produced in a sustainable way. Coffee is no exception. Not only does coffee play an important ecological role, but it also plays a huge part in the world's economy. 

What is Sustainable Coffee?

What do we mean when we talk about sustainable coffee? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, sustainability is based on the premise that everything humans need ultimately comes from the environment. When coffee is raised sustainably, that means that it has been grown in a way that ensures the continued well-being of nature. We want to sustain the coffee plant so that we can keep producing coffee well into the indefinite future. It wouldn't do to harvest coffee incorrectly, then drive the plant to extinction.

How is Sustainable Coffee Produced?

According to an article in The Guardian, coffee has traditionally been grown in the forests where it plays an important ecological role. In contrast, The Guardian also goes on to note that traditional methods are being replaced with sun cultivation, in which coffee beans are grown outside of the forest. This practice, which encourages deforestation, has serious environmental repercussions. The protection of rainforest environments is critical to maintaining a careful ecological balance. By growing coffee in these areas, we directly support the ecology of the tropical forests. 

Why You Should Buy Sustainable Coffee

The benefits of purchasing sustainable coffee are tremendous. In addition to providing support to areas that are ecologically fragile, you'll also be helping to support a market that is dedicated to the environmentally responsible cultivation of the coffee plant. It's more important than ever to nourish Mother Earth in every way that we can, so she can keep producing the plants that we love!

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