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AirScape Bucket Preservation Insert


$ 18.99

Planetary Design AirScape Bucket Insert - Preserves Foods Freshness from Oxygen - There are a LOT of 5 gallon buckets in the world! And just like nearly all other food storage containers, they don't help preserve what's inside given that air is trapped in with the contents, slowly eating away the freshness. With our AirScape Bucket inner lid, the air is forced out of any 3.5-5 gallon bucket so you can properly store whatever you have inside regardless of how full it is. The patent-pending inner lid descends with the lowering contents so that it is always forcing the maximum amount of air out, keeping food much fresher much longer. This food storage revolution is great for preserving bulk coffee, flour, rice, legumes, pet food, chicken feed and much, much more. Don't just store it - preserve it!

We use them in our Roastery to lock in Freshness!

  • AirScape Bucket Insert by Planetary Design is made with BPA-Free and food-safe material
  • Fits standard 3.5 - 7 gallon bucket sizes
  • Forces oxygen out, to lock freshness in
  • Preserve foods such as coffee, flour, rice, legumes, pet food, chicken feed, grains, and more!
  • Insert only / Bucket not included
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