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  • BALI VINTAGE - Green Dragon Coffee
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  • A medium roast. Bright, sweet, caramel and orange flavors...

    One of the smoothest coffees we have come across we are truly pleased to be able to offer this coffee to our customers. This cup is nothing short of fantastic and is a great way to start your day. With notes of soft caramel, sweet tobacco, and light brown sugar, this coffee is extremely clean on the palette with a pleasant aftertaste.

    This fine Bali coffee comes from the Kintamani & Bangli regions, which provide the cool highland conditions ideal for growing coffee. The processing method in Bali is fully-washed and dry hulled. This is unlike the traditional 'giling basah' or wet-hulled process, which is common on Sumatra. What really makes Bali stand-out among Indonesian coffees is the practice of integrated farming - most of the farmers have cows and goats to maintain a steady supply of natural fertilizer for the coffee.

    Origin: BALI
    Region: KILIMANTAN
    Plant Species: ARABICA
    Processing Method: WASHED
    Processing Description: FULLY WASHED AND DRY HULLED